a teenager's journey of self discovery

The Location and Setting

Casey and Lee live in a remote rural area in the Midlands in the UK.

There are two houses; Casey lives in the mansion with her Mum & Dad and Lee lives in the smaller house that is 2 minutes walk from Casey’s.  He lives with his Mum & Dad and his sister Lisa. There is also a graveyard and a deep woodland area nearby. The Surgery is near the main road and this is where Casey’s Dad is based as a Doctor, her Mum works in admin and Lee’s Mum Carol cleans.

There is nothing else. The nearest town is half an hour’s drive away and where Casey will be going to 6th Form College.

Casey’s house was based on a house in Caerleon in Wales. I have searched for images all over the net and what I have found has both fascinated, upset and riled me. It is being totally overrun by Nature, which on one hand is how it should be as the Earth must take back what it creates. BUT it was obviously such a beautiful building at one time. I want to immortalise it in my book. Notice the amazing attic. I have made this Casey’s attic bedroom. Around the side of the house you can just see remnants of the trees there, one of which happens to be tall enough to go right up to that attic window!

caerleon abandoned house 2 - Copy 

 caerleon abandoned house 3 - Copy

caerleon abandoned house 4 - Copy

caerleon abandoned house 5 - Copy

caerleon abandoned house 6

Here are some images that have inspired me. The woodland area behind this house, the woodland clearing and the graveyard:

images (4)

images (5)

images (6)

images (7)

And, of course, the burned out house. I needed to smell the aroma of decay and flames:

images (5)



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