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Lee’s style~grunge look book

Issam, 18, Casablanca, 22June2011

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Casey’s style~ grunge look book

transparent tops very short dresses thin over knee socks take more photos shorts and over knees pale green nails over knees long skirts long skirts (2) images (6) flowery nails cut out designs cool vest someone alicia alicia 3 alicia 2 alice 3images (6)

casey and lisa in camden change to black and white

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Casey beginning Casey 4 Casey 3 Casey 2

Themes and Styles~ Grunge and Doc Marten Boots

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Casey is a very independent thinker. She loves a variety of music styles and clothes, not liking to be ‘labelled’ as one thing or another. Her style, if it is to be given a name, would be Grunge as this encompasses many different elements and allows people who dress this way a greater amount of freedom and creative expression than, for example, Punk style.

In Chapter one, the first indicator of a teenage ‘Subculture’ or style, is the mention of Casey’s Doc Martens. These large, unfeminine boots really introduce her attitude to life and how she sees herself.