a teenager's journey of self discovery

Casey’s Style

Casey’s style~ hair

purple hair pink tips pink tips (2) pale purple plaits pale blue silvery messy colours flowers in my hair etheral ghost girl style with pale hair arm tatoo words images (6) tumblr_m74617evgU1qjgvbro1_400


Casey’s style~ grunge look book

transparent tops very short dresses thin over knee socks take more photos shorts and over knees pale green nails over knees long skirts long skirts (2) images (6) flowery nails cut out designs cool vest someone alicia alicia 3 alicia 2 alice 3images (6)

casey and lisa in camden change to black and white

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Casey beginning Casey 4 Casey 3 Casey 2

Casey’s attic room

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Lee’s Story. Diary entry ~ June 3rd

Something bizarre happened today. Good bizarre.

Mum told us at dinner last night that a new family has moved in to that massive house down from us. I think she wanted us to know because there’s no one for us to hang out with here and weekends are dull as shit on a dark night. Apparently it’s a Doctor, his wife and daughter who is the same age as Lisa. I think Casey is her name, or was it Cassie? Not sure. Anyways, this morning me and Lise were outside on the back lawn just hanging out. She had her piss awful chart music on, dancing around like a banshee and screaming as usual. I was trying to grab the radio to find a better radio station when I noticed this figure approaching the garden. She had a long grey tshirt on with a face on it and as she came closer I noticed it was of Kurt Kobain. I stared at her, trying to work out if it was Casey/Cassie, but she had her head down so I couldn’t see her face to see how old she looked. I mean of course I WAS her. No one else lives around here for miles. 

Anyway, she glanced up very briefly. I wanted to wave her over but when I saw her face I froze. Fucking froze. I went dizzy, my eyes went all fuzzy and my body went like jelly. What the hell? She was absolutely stunning. I was lost for words and could hear Lise saying ‘Who was that?’ as she disappeared down the path towards the woods. I felt myself stand up and go to the gate, stepping out onto the path to get a longer look as she became a speck walking into the woods in the distance. 

I stood there for a few seconds just saying WOW over and over. I have GOT to meet this grunge girl! 


Themes and Styles~ Grunge and Doc Marten Boots

pale pink

docs 2

docs 1


doc 4

doc 3

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Casey is a very independent thinker. She loves a variety of music styles and clothes, not liking to be ‘labelled’ as one thing or another. Her style, if it is to be given a name, would be Grunge as this encompasses many different elements and allows people who dress this way a greater amount of freedom and creative expression than, for example, Punk style.

In Chapter one, the first indicator of a teenage ‘Subculture’ or style, is the mention of Casey’s Doc Martens. These large, unfeminine boots really introduce her attitude to life and how she sees herself.