a teenager's journey of self discovery

Lee’s Story. Diary entry~June 4th

Tried to find out more about the stunning one. Her name is CASEY.

Mum told me that Doctor Papadakis (wtf?) is Greek and has only one daughter, Casey. She’s 16 and going to be starting 6th Form in September. That’s all she knows! Oh come on! Mum usually knows everything about everyone around here. How can I find out more? Lisa reckons I should go ahead and turn up on her doorstep. How much do I want to do that? How much do I suspect that I won’t have the guts to do that? Pretty much the full shabang. What’s up with me?

I strode right up to Amy and asked her out. And Kaitlin. And Rachel. And Lara. Yes, I know they didn’t all feel the same way about me, but you win some you lose some, right? Why can’t I just go and introduce myself to Casey?

My palms are sweating just thinking about it.

My heart is screwing with me.

Lisa said she’ll go round as a joke on her part but make out she wants to be friends. How old are we? Nine? She keeps saying that she’s a spoilt bitch and warning me off but how would she know? Just because she’s a rich Doctor’s only child doesn’t make her so. And I don’t care.

If I see her again, I WILL follow her….

I wish she would come to ME.


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